Thursday, November 4, 2010

Home Again, Home Again

Ahhhhhhh, the sweetness of being home.
It was really nice to get away and spend some time with DH without the usual everyday distractions. BUT it is also nice to be home again.
I thought I was going to have good news, that DH was going to be home for a few months, BUT we just found out he will be gone again for the next 2 weeks, so I guess our first round of Clomid will just be for practice....which I was sort of expecting, but it's still a kick in the head none the less. Patience though, all in good time, right? (LOL)
So the other thing that sucks about DH being gone is that I am taking care of everything. Now we don't have kids, so I can't complain to much, but damn. The truck isn't running right, so I guess now it's up to me to get it fixed. Mr. Procrastination has let it sit in our garage for almost a year, but now that winter is coming back around, he wants it fixed, let's see how bad I can get screwed getting the dumb thing fixed. I have NO CLUE about cars...someone tells me something is wrong, I say ok, how much....I can't research a broken truck like I can other things...and I really don't know very many mechanically inclined males that I can ask for help. So like I said, we will see how much I get taken for getting the stupid thing fixed. THEN I am sure I will be in charge of getting our car fixed, the front end is shaking on it....Blahhhhhh, but I guess at least if he's traveling we won't be stuck without vehicles....
OK, I will quit complaining now!! LOL
Speaking of cars, why is it so much scarier traveling at night? I had a death grip on the steering wheeling driving to and from PA. I am not usually scared driving, but when it was dark, it was scary. And the funny thing about that, I drive home from work 3 days a week in the dark....oh well....
Off to bed for this girly, have to have the truck looked at tomorrow..... ;-)

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