Monday, November 1, 2010


As I am writing this, I really should be packing my clothes for a road trip to see DH. He is in Washington, PA, where I plan to visit for a few days. My goal is to leave my cell phone in the hotel while I explore, in all reality though, it will be tied to my hip like it usually is, I am just hoping I can resist texting and facebooking the entire time I am gone, WHICH I know won't happen, but it's something to thing about.
My Mom picked out an Angel for me from the Angel Tree at her work, waiting to see if he is still available...I suggested a boy ages 8 - 13, we did a teen girl last year, so I am trying to keep it even, plus it's wayyyy to hard to buy for a little one....IF money is good in the Miller household come December, I am going to get another one. People in my family have been helped from the Angel Tree and so I am glad we are able to give back, this will be the second year we have done it. I just wish I could do more. There are so many kids in our area that go without. And I know Christmas is about Christ, but you know, it's so commercialized you can't escape it.
Last year, I went kind of overboard, but I couldn't help it. And boy did it feel good. Just knowing she was going to have the things she wanted and needed was awesome. I bought everything from snow boots, to crocs, to art supplies, hair things and jewelry. I am hoping I have the same enthusiasm this year. We didn't really celebrate Christmas at our house because of losing Elliot, it was to hard. I didn't even decorate the house, and let me tell you, I LOVE Christmas and Christmas decorations. I have enough stuff to probably decorate 2 or 3 houses. I am hoping this year I can bring myself to do it. But I am not going to push. But buying for someone who doesn't have much was awesome...
I think my patience is starting to kick in some, some, I said, not a lot, but some.
I am waiting patiently for my cycle to start so we start on the Clomid. I am guessing November might be a little to hectic to actually time everything right, and I am ok with that. Knowing we are on our way makes me feel better. I felt like I was in limbo for such a long time. Stranded screaming and no one was listening to me....that was just my lack of patience. See it's easy for me to be more patient now, I got my way...LOL...for now anyway.
Welp, I am off to work and hopefully to lounge by the pool and in the hot tub this time tomorrow!!

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